Meet the “Tree Man”, a Big Guy who has become Network Obsession. Part 1


Over the last few days, a very particular guy is hogging the covers of all viral media. He has not become famous for his work or his lifestyle, but for his size.

Danny Jones, better known as the Tree Man, began to become notorious after a Twitter user named “la loba”, with almost 16 thousand followers, mentioned in one of his publications, referring to the large size of the young man and assigning him The nickname that everyone knows him.

Automatically, women and men from all over the world began to rethink and share their impressions of Jones, about his height, the size of his muscles and his appeal.

This is Danny Jones, better known as the Tree Man


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If you want to continue delighting with your photos, you can follow him through his Instagram account, which already mints more than 682 thousand followers.