Learn how to fix a Broken Zipper in Under a Minute with this Trick.


Closures, zipper or zippers are a relatively young invention with less than a century old, but seem to have been around forever. What we are sure of is that his invention revolutionized the industry and the textile market back in the 20’s and, today, it remains the most popular way to open and close any kind of textile clothing, backpacks, suitcases, bags or portfolios.

As we have made easier when life dress when it comes spoil the world over, we all know the odyssey that supposes replaced by a new one.

In this way, and what we like to make you much easier and practical life, today we are going to teach you how to repair a zipper in less than a minute. Only you will need a needle nose pliers and pay attention to the following imagen gallery:







Detail in vídeo:

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