The story of Joaquin, a baby of 690 grams who Helped his twin Brother while the two Struggled to Live (Part 2)


“They gave me rest and I set the goal to reach the end of the pregnancy, but the day I entered the sixth month I broke the bag, we were first-timers, we did not understand what was happening, my husband said ‘you could have peed, I realized that no, but at the same time I was so afraid that I denied it. I thought, ‘It’s something else, they’re going to send me back, nothing happens.’

Josefina endured 24 hours. “At 2 am the next day, they made a tact to me and said ‘it’s already born, it’s already born.’ I can not explain the duality I felt: my children were going to be born, it was the most important day of my life, I wanted them to stay with me, it was too soon to be born, but my body could not resist, “he recalls. Joaquin was down and born by natural childbirth quickly. Nacho was not in the birth canal.


They were 32 centimeters long, they went into the palm of one hand.



“My husband saw the first baby and came to say to me, ‘It’s okay, it’s alive.'” When I saw him go by, I saw the size of his head: it was like a tennis ball, I thought, ‘My God, stay with me, , Not to die, even to know it. Josefina, who had just had a vaginal delivery, had to have a cesarean. Nacho was born 55 minutes after his brother. And he (the baby with the diaphragmatic hernia) took it so fast that Josefina could not see it.




“I remember the desolation of the later: I was alone in the room, without my children and without my husband, who was with them. Just at night, as I could, I got up to go and see them.” They were in incubators, side by side. I sat in a chair and looked at them, because they were isolated and would not let me touch them. I did not feel guilty, what I thought was ‘well, if I could not get them in, I’m going to be able to take them outside.’ “Josefina was 30 years old.

Joaquin was slowly improving. Nacho no, it was serious. “So the focus was Nacho, the medical parts were talking about him, ‘poor Joaquin,’ I thought, who was in the background.” Until the doctor came and told me: ‘Pay attention, Mom, look at Joaquin. Re good, he’s letting them take care of his brother. “It’s a very special connection that the twins usually have: it’s like he was telling us ‘treat him, I can.’



Josefina and Joaquín, in neonatology.

The doctors gave Nacho a few hours of life. But it happened one day, two, four, six, and Nacho was still fighting. “Until one day at two o’clock in the morning the phone rings, my heart stopped, I said ‘that’s it.'” We came to the Swiss, I trembled from the tip of my finger to my feet. Nacho had been all connected and with his eyes covered, I did not know his face, but now he was almost without anything, his face cleared, so I could see him well.I was still alive but I had already made a stop Cardiorespiratory and had no more possibilities.I raised him, I caressed his nose, I told him that I loved him and thanked him for choosing me for having chosen my belly.It had been for a short time but he had chosen me as a mother ” .

Life and death met in the same room. Josefina and Juan Callegari, her husband, had to help Joaquin to get ahead while they had to decide how they wanted to say goodbye to Nacho. “I was asked if I wanted to cremate it or a funeral, and that was clear to me: I told them that I did not want it to be more locked up, as I had been in the incubator, to fly, to be energy, to be air, to be light, to fly “. Josefina decided. Then it collapsed.



“I was 24 hours lying in bed crying, literally, until a friend came and told me:” Joaquin does not deserve to be lying here crying, he needs you too. “Josefina got up and says she did not cry again. “I understood that I had another baby trying to survive and that I could not sit down to make a duel.” So he decided to go back into the neo and face, another Time, to the two incubators: the one of Joaquin, with Joaquin, and the one of Nacho, empty.

When his brother died, Joaquín stopped doing what he did. He went from being very good to having apneas every few minutes. “They were small respiratory arrests in which he turned purple and I took it out and ran with him to put oxygen,” she says. When Joaquin had all the attention of his parents, he began to advance as you progress in the game of the Goose . Two steps forward, one back.




Three months of life.

And out there of the neo, among all the parents who waited for their children to survive, a parallel world was brewing. “They are so many months together that you see a baby that is saved and the soul returns to the body. And you see a baby that dies and you die a little with them.” Among all those parents who wait, life is measured with others I remember once we ended up celebrating the kilo of a baby, we did a bite in the parents’ room. ” It was not a birthday, it was a birthday.

On December 13, 2013, when it was 133 days after that Monday when Josefina broke the bag, Joaquin was released.




“I had lived the best moment of my life and the worst at the same time.” The pain I felt I will never feel again and the happiness I felt when I was discharged, either. Death I did not think of grays. “ Grays were all possible sequelae that premature infants may have: they may become blind, deaf, mature, with cerebral palsy. Joaquín will turn 4 in August: he does not have any.

It was a long time before Josefina was encouraged to read the results of Nacho’s autopsy: she said that in addition to cardiorespiratory arrest she had had several strokes. “And right there I thought: ‘Good thing I’m not a selfish person and I let it go, I let it go, maybe if I lived it would have been with a lot of suffering,” he says.




Joaquin and Tomás Callegari. The first one no longer has his twin but has a new brother.

Josefina no longer cries. He had another son: his name is Tomás, and he is about to turn 2. Recently, she also received the news: she is 3 months pregnant. “Nacho is always present, he lived a few days but worked so in mirror with his twin brother that every time I see Joaquin play or I see him running is like I also saw him play Nacho. It’s like watching them grow together. “



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