According to Expert So Scientifically Perfect Body Of A Woman. His name is Kelly Brook. 20 Pictures.


Throughout life the woman has been with her body the center of everyone’s attention, but also for a long time has been debated as it should be a perfect body of a woman.

For I tell you that science through recent research has provided the answer to the question many people, perhaps this issue does not matter much but many women because their bodies have a low self-esteem and feel imperfect. But as saying goes: “The perfect woman is not one that stands out for its physical beauty, but one that has the greatest mind her breasts and her legs more open heart.”

A study by the University of Texas throws the famous model Kelly Brook 34 is the perfect silhouette of a woman and it has a size or height of 1.68 with a measure of 99-63-91, all without any surgery on his body.

Check out these more of 20 photos and get your own deduction:

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