The story of Joaquin, a baby of 690 grams who Helped his twin Brother while the two Struggled to Live


They were born at six months of gestation: one for natural delivery and the other for cesarean delivery. The Callegari twins worked “in the mirror” until the end.

It was July 18, 2013 and Josefina Fernandez traveled from Chivilcoy, where she lives, to Palermo. She had just spent five months pregnant and had a fetal scan to see how Nacho and Joaquin were, their twins. She was first-time and came to live a pleasant and symptom-free pregnancy, but when she was checked, she was told something was not right. Two weeks later, her children were born. They were extremely preterm and were exactly the same size: the two weighed 692 grams and the two measured 32 centimeters.

And despite such fragility, they managed to function as mirrors: while one struggled to live, the other, in his own way, helped him.


“I was in the 22nd week of pregnancy when I came to Buenos Aires to get my routine ultrasound.

But when they did the measurement of the cervix, they saw that it was disappearing, something that happens at the end of the pregnancy, when the birth is about to be triggered, “says Josefina, who is 34 years old.

Then they said: ‘Ask someone to bring you the bag, you have to stay here.’


In the fetal scan they discovered that Nacho had a diaphragmatic hernia, that is to say, an abnormal opening in the muscle that is between the chest and the abdomen and that it helps to breathe.

That meant that a preterm birth could greatly reduce their chances of recovery. Josefina left in pause the transport company she runs in Chivilcoy and her husband, who is an agronomist, left the field in pause. Together they settled in the City.



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