Carolina Herrera: “There is nothing that will age a Woman more than to Dress as a Young”


Although Carolina Herrera (Caracas, 1939) for many years in the fashion industry and subjected to the media exposure does not like to speak in public. That is why she arrived yesterday at the presentation of her book in Madrid, Carolina Herrera 35 Years of Fashion, nervous. Her husband Reinaldo was sitting in a discreet place in the living room while their daughter, Carolina, was watching her mother and her boss.

Question. Surprised that she still gets nervous in public, you who have met so many important people.

Answer. It’s just that I was not born for this. Mine is something else.

“A fashion icon is Isabel II who has been faithful to a style for 50 years”

For the interview asks for a corner and some closeness. You can tell he likes short distances.

Q. At this time of balance of 35 years of career, which collection are you most satisfied with?

A. No doubt of the first one, that of 1981. Now that it has been photographed again for this book I have verified that it is still in force.

Q. You claim that fashion should not be something temporary.

“There are those who believe that red carpets are a parade, but they are something else”


A. I think the success of a designer is that his work has a continuity over time. It is what I seek.

Q. But that goes against the trends.

A. I am against them. It seems that people want to go in uniform. All with the same bag or the same shoe.
Q. What is the use of fashion?


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