Carolina Herrera: “There is nothing that will age a Woman more than to Dress as a Young” (PART 2)


A. It serves to help your eye when dressing. If you want to disguise yourself, go to the circus.
“Elegance is not only beauty, it is also the way of thinking”Q. However, in recent times there seems to be a cult for the ugly.

A. Yes, there are people who get the feeling that in the morning when they open the closet they look at what is ugliest to get dressed. I do not understand fashion without beauty. I work so that women who wear Carolina Herrera feel beautiful.

Q. There are those who think that depending on who is dressed one can feel safe and powerful.

A. No doubt, a dress gives power.

Carolina Herrera arrives at the event wearing a white shirt and a flying wool skirt. It is covered with a black coat when it feels cold. Posa for photos as a model. He knows how to look at the camera.

Q. You are famous for your white shirts.

A. There are people who think that I am always dressed in a white shirt and that I have spent half a life in Studio 54, all because I was once. Sometimes I wear white shirts, like today, because they give me security. I had little time to get ready today.

Q. You always look for beauty, it is a constant in your life. But what is elegance?

A. Elegance is not only beauty, it is also the way of thinking, the way you move.

Q. Are you in favor of cosmetic surgery?

A. Yes, but it does not make you the person you are not. But there is nothing that ages more than a woman who dresses younger.

Q. One of the costumes that made her famous was the bride she designed for Carolina Kennedy.

A. I remember one thing I have never told. Jackie called to tell me she wanted me to dress her daughter. Carolina came to see me alone. She decided everything. Jackie saw what we had done just two days before the wedding. I always recommend brides to go alone to choose their model. That to go with the mother, the grandmother, the friend … is a big mistake.

Q. Who for you an elegant woman?

A. Everyone talks about Jackie but for me an icon of true elegance is Queen Elizabeth of England, who has been faithful to a certain form of dress that corresponds to the role she has played for over 50 years. Front of the crown.

Q. You have now sometimes seen the Queen of Spain.

A. Yes, take some of our things. She is very beautiful.

Q. Do you know her?

A. Yes.

Carolina Herrera does not like to fill the conversation with proper names. “For me all women are the same. I do not work for one, design for all, to make them feel beautiful. When a firm talks so much about proper names, I get the feeling that something happens. ”

Q. He has been very critical of the red carp culture.

A. They are not a catwalk as some believe. They are something else. All actresses have a stylist who tells them what to wear. They never choose. Renée Zellweger is one of the few who do not.

Q. And usually wear clothing by Carolina Herrera.

A. Yes.

Q. This week Donatella Versace said that women are better designers.

A. I do not agree. You do not have to be a woman to know a woman’s body. In addition, there are many designers who wear women’s clothing.

Q. Would you wear Melania Trump?

A. All the first ladies in the world should promote the fashion of their country.





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Source: El País